War of the Burning Sands

Conclusion of Act Two: Who Dare Say the Sun is False?

Za’Hain, Ranaghar, Draz, Bof, and Baez return from the Gray to find that seven years have passed since they left Athas to escape from the angered forces of Hamanu and House Stel of Urik. They carry with them an immense gem known as the Godstone, a mysterious artifact of unknown power.

In the meantime, the war between Urik and Tyr was resolved, and Urik has taken control of Tyr’s valuable iron mines, utterly destroying the settlements of Freedom and Kled on the warpath. Beneath the ruins of Kled, Za’Hain found an entrance to the ancient grand dwarven city of Kemalok and encountered the spirit of Rkard, Last King of Kemalok. As Bartras was lost during the sack of Freedom and is presumed dead, Za’Hain was named the worthy successor to the rule of the dwarven and mul people. He was given the Scourge of Rkard and the Book of Kemalok Kings, both artifacts of immense power, to aid in his journey and the defense of his people. He has been asked to recover the ancestral Crown of Forgotten Kings and Belt of the Sun, which were in the possession of Bartras.

Draz sought the whereabouts of his charge Keela, eventually tracking her to Raam. The group found the city engulfed in chaos after the death of its sorcerer-queen the previous year at the hands of the dreaded Dragon, a beast of unimaginable power that demands annual sacrifices from each city-state. After ascending Raam’s three quarters, the party entered the monumental Sepulcher of Badna to find Ushuch-Si, agent of an organization known as the Broken Builders which has been working toward the utter annihilation of Athas so that it may be cleansed and reborn by the elemental primordials. Keela, now known as Samareth, was turned to the cause and corrupted by powerful defiling magic, which had begun to utterly consume her body and spirit. With no other way to save her from her fate, Draz reluctantly ended her life.

The events in the sepulcher were interrupted by great magical explosions issuing from the southern walls of Raam, where a swift attack by an army of dray has caught the city-state completely by surprise. Their motives are unknown, but the arcane soldiers are making quick work of the ill-prepared populace. The crafty elvish raiders of the Swiftwing Tribe have been able to hold the western gate, but would not last long should the army’s full might turn upon them.

Meanwhile, sources of great darkness begin to grow across Athas. Mak Thuum Ngatha, the aberrant spawn of the mind of Kalid-Ma made material, has escaped the confines of The Gray but its current whereabouts are unknown. Dremelith, the first devil to set foot on Athas in centuries, was last seen venturing into the Ringing Mountains with its contingent of otherworldly warriors. Rumors on the wind say that all trade, transport, and communication from Balic has ceased and those attempting to enter the city are gruffly turned away without explanation. It has also been said that Urik’s brutal taskmasters have pushed the laborers in the Tyrian iron mines to dig down further and further for valuable new veins of metal ore, deeper even than cruel Kalak ever dared venture.

A spear is reshaped.

The adventure continues…


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