Carved Messenger

An intricate figurine of a small winged lizard, carved from a smooth, hard stone. Its polished surface is cool to the touch.

  • Wondrous Item
  • Price: 3,400 gp

Special Properties

  • When the carved figurine is activated, you may whisper to it a message of up to 25 words or place in its talons one tiny item, such as a piece of parchment, weighing no more than 1 pound. You then name a recipient and location. The figurine then animates and flies in a straight line toward the location in search of the recipient, avoiding danger along its path. Upon finding the recipient, the figurine approaches until it is adjacent and conveys your message. Upon delivery, the figurine waits up to 15 minutes for a reply, or until it is dismissed. It then returns to you using the same route it used to reach the recipient. After delivering the reply, if it received one, it returns to its inanimate form and cannot be activated again for one week (6 days).

Draz La’Tull Ulthunk

Obtained from Mar Juk-Adan as payment for information on the party’s activities and discoveries, which must have been far more valuable than the item itself.

Carved Messenger

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