Dark Orb, Three of Five

This obsidian sphere’s reflective surface sometimes shows the faint forms of humans transforming into scaled beasts or brief scenes of locations you do not recognize.

  • Implement (Orb)
  • Price: —
  • Enhancement Bonus: +3 to attack rolls and damage rolls
  • Critical: +1d10 psychic damage


  • Whole of Mind and Body (Daily * Psionic, Healing): Minor Action. Effect: You can spend a healing surge. If you have psionic power points as a class feature, you regain 3 psionic power points.
  • One of Five (At-Will * Psionic): Minor Action. Requirement: One Dark Orb must be touching the being that they have melded with. Effect: The being consumes the orb. If all five orbs have been absorbed in this fashion, their full potential will be achieved.

Special Properties

  • You gain a +3 bonus to AC.
  • You gain a +3 bonus to saving throws against the dominated condition.
  • If you are not proficient with arcane implements as a class feature, you gain the following feature:
    • Power Magnification: Once per encounter as a free action, you can use the orb to gain one of the following two effects:
      • You can designate one creature you have used a power upon that has an effect that lasts until the subject succeeds on a saving throw. That creature takes a penalty to its saving throws against that effect equal to your primary ability modifier.
      • Alternatively, you can choose to extend the duration of an effect created by a power that would otherwise end at the end of your current turn. The effect instead ends at the end of your next turn.
  • Soul Meld: The Dark Orb has been permanently melded with you and its power somehow sustains your life. Attempting to remove it would likely result in your death. As a result of the Dark Orb being entwined with your being, you gain the following features, each gained through consuming an additional orb’s power:
    • The Scholar
      • Once per encounter, you may choose to automatically succeed on one saving throw.
      • Forbidden Knowledge (Daily * Shadow): Minor Action. Effect: You regain the use of one expended encounter or daily attack power that has the arcane or the psionic keyword. Until the end of your next turn, attack and skill rolls of 1-5 result in a critical failure.
    • The Protector
      • You are immune to damage, effects, and miss effects from ranged attacks with the martial keyword.
      • Shielding Force (Daily * Shadow): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: A critical hit is scored against you. Effect: Roll 1d20. On a result of 16-20, the critical hit becomes a normal hit.
    • The Destroyer
      • Your attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 19-20.
      • Confronting Force (Daily * Shadow): Immediate Reaction. Trigger: You score a critical hit. Effect: You attack does an additional 3d6 psychic damage.

Dark Orb, Three of Five

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