"Doctor Headcrusher," Craghammer

A massive stone hammer with thick pointed spikes on each side, resembling a huge meat tenderizer.

weapon (melee)
  • Weapon Type: Craghammer
  • Proficiency Bonus: +2
  • Damage: 1d10
  • Range: —
  • Price: 3,400 gp
  • Weight: 8 lb.
  • Group: Hammer
  • Properties: Brutal 2, Versatile
  • Enhancement Bonus: +2 to attack rolls and damage rolls
  • Critical: +2 times your Constitution modifier damage and the target is pushed 1 square

Special Properties

  • While bloodied, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and gain your Charisma bonus as a bonus to damage rolls.
  • Each time you score a critical hit with this weapon, you and all allies within 10 squares of you may use a healing surge.


  • Make It So (Daily * Martial): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: You make an attack with this weapon against AC and miss. Effect: The attack targets Fortitude defense instead. Special: You can use this power a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier.


Recovered from a hidden locker labeled “H.” in the Ivory Dungeon of Balic.

"Doctor Headcrusher," Craghammer

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