Staff of Nature's Memory

A long staff of many different types of wood twisted together in natural, organic shapes. Ancient primal power emanates from the object.

  • Implement (Staff)
  • Price: 3,400 gp
  • Enhancement Bonus: +2 to attack rolls and damage rolls
  • Critical: +2 times your Wisdom modifier damage

Special Properties

  • You gain a +5 item bonus to Nature and History skill checks.


  • Memories of the Green Age (Daily * Primal): Minor Action. Swap one of your powers for another power of equal or lower level available to any class that uses the Primal power source. A Daily power can be replaced by any power, an Encounter power can be replaced by an Encounter power or an At-Will power, an At-Will power can only be replaced by an At-Will power, and a Utility power can only be replaced by a Utility power. After an extended rest, the new power is changed back to the original power.
  • Memories of the Blue Age (Daily * Primal): Immediate Interrupt. Use this power when you are hit by a power with the arcane keyword. You take half damage from the attack. You and all allies within 5 squares of you can make a saving throw against one effect that a save can end. All enemies within 5 squares of you take radiant damage equal to 2 times your Wisdom modifier.


Recovered from a hidden locker labeled “U. X.” in the Ivory Dungeon of Balic.

Staff of Nature's Memory

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