The Volcanic Reaper

Masterfully crafted from dune reaper claws, the finest leather, and the crushed crystalline eyes of Urim--the volcanic spirit of Ledo--this bow strikes vicious burning wounds to any it comes into contact with.

weapon (ranged)
  • Proficiency Bonus: +2
  • Damage: 1d10
  • Range: 20/40
  • Price: 4200 gp
  • Weight: 3 lb.
  • Group: Bow
  • Properties: Load Free
  • Enhancement Bonus: +2 to attack rolls and damage rolls
  • Critical: +1d6 fire damage

Special Properties

  • This weapon can also be used as an improvised melee weapon. If used in this way, it deals half its normal damage and does not provoke attacks of opportunity.


  • Versatile Edge (At-Will): Free Action. Use this power before making a ranged attack on your turn. You take damage up to a maximum of twice the weapon’s enhancement bonus. This damage cannot be reduced or prevented in any way. If you hit, increase the damage your target takes by triple the amount of damage you took. If there are enemies adjacent to you when you hit, you may also deal double the damage you took to each of them. Adjacent enemies damaged in this way cannot make attacks of opportunity in response to the ranged attack. All damage dealt by this power is fire damage.


Created by a master craftsman in Urik’s famous artisan quarter from the materials provided by Boff.

The Volcanic Reaper

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