World Devourer's Blood

The thick, faintly glowing red blood that flows within Yzgra-Bal Rasshir, Devourer of the Heart of Athas.

  • Infusion
  • Price: —

Special Properties

  • You gain a +1 bonus to AC.


  • Blood Hunger (Encounter * Shadow): Minor Action. Effect: Each creature you hit with an attack before the end of your next turn takes 5 extra necrotic damage from that attack, and you gain 5 temporary hit points. If you fail to hit a creature by the end of your next turn, you take 10 necrotic damage and are weakened (save ends). This damage to you cannot be reduced or negated.

Baez, Bof, Draz La’Tull Ulthunk, Ranaghar, Revenant of the Gray, Za’Hain

You were covered in the viscous substance from the hearts of Yzgra-Bal Rasshir, which seeped through your skin and into your own veins. You felt a fiery warmth flow through your body as it gained a trace of the worm’s ancient power.

World Devourer's Blood

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