War of the Burning Sands

Current Experience 55,000 XP (Level 14.8)
55,000 XP (Level 14.8)
Current Experience 51,000 XP (Level 14.4)
51,000 XP (Level 14.4)
Characters Encountered Eighth Day in the Gray

Ranaghar, Revenant of the Gray

Ability Scores

-2 Intelligence, +2 Constitution

Skill Bonuses

-2 Arcana, +2 Endurance, -2 History, +2 Intimidate


Eladrin Education
Eladrin Weapon Proficiency
Eladrin Will
Fey Step


Fey Origin


Shadow Rebirth: The Gray has left its mark on you. You are considered an undead creature and a shadow creature for the purpose of effects that relate to the undead or shadow keywords or creature origin. You are also considered a living creature. You are healed by necrotic energy, damaged by radiant energy, and gain vulnerable 10 radiant. Your own effects that would heal you are considered to be necrotic energy and others’ healing effects are considered to be radiant energy. Due to your new origin in the Gray, any of your own effects that use or deal elemental energy or damage are now considered to be necrotic.

Past Life: You are considered a Revenant, a Shade, and an Eladrin for the purpose of meeting prerequisites, such as feat or paragon path prerequisites.

Unnatural Vitality: When you drop to 0 hit points or fewer and are subjected to the dying condition, you can choose to be dazed instead of falling unconscious. You make death saving throws as normal and, if you fail one, you fall unconscious instead of being dazed.

Shadow Reaping: You have the shadow reaping power.

Shadow Reaping (Encounter * Necrotic): Free Action. Trigger: A creature within 5 squares of you drops to 0 hit points. Effect: One creature of your choice that you hit with an attack before the end of your next turn takes extra necrotic damage equal to 1d8 + your Constitution modifier. Secondary Trigger: You succeed with this attack and deal extra necrotic damage. Secondary Effect: You become insubstantial until the end of your next turn. If you have cover or concealment, you can make Stealth checks to become hidden. In addition, you can use cover from your allies to become hidden or to remain hidden.

Current Experience 49,000 XP (Level 14.2)
49,000 XP (Level 14.2)
Current Date Unknown, Seventh Day in the Gray, Evening
Seventh Day in the Gray, Evening

The Gray

Current Experience 47,500 XP (Level 14.05)
47,500 XP (Level 14.05)
Current Date Unknown, Sixth Day in the Gray, Evening
Sixth Day in the Gray, Evening

The Gray


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