Moakkash, The Claw Who Maims

An unkempt male human, his face painted in white to resemble a skull. He is clothed in woven grass and clutches a sharpened wooden greataxe with an intense, quiet hatred in his eyes.


Level: 4
Initiative: 3; Speed: 6
Ability Scores: 14 Str, 12 Con, 12 Dex, 9 Int, 11 Wis, 10 Cha
HP: 45; Bloodied: 22
Surge Value: 11; Surges Per Day: 9
AC: 16; Fortitude: 17; Reflex: 16; Will: 13
Greataxe: Attack Bonus + 6, Damage 1d12 + 2, Critical hits deal an additional 1d6 damage

At-Will: Run Down, Aggressive Frenzy
Encounter: Savage Cut
Daily: Unrelenting Beast
Utility: Vengeful Bloodthirst

Power Cards


Moakkash, The Claw Who Maims

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