Mul warlord, freed slave working with the Free exploring Athas searching for his greater destiny.


Za’Hain was raised in the stables of Nibenay and trained with a large class of gladiators. His owner was one of the Nibenese merchant houses, who maintained the whole stable Za’Hain was raised in. He did not partake in any individual matches and was always part of large matches, supporting older, seasoned gladiators. On his twentieth birthday he was to be shipped to Tyr for his first individual match. The caravan was however raided by free slaves from the Hidden Village. The raiders were after the supplies in the merchant train, but were happy to free the slaves.

Za’Hain went with the raiders and was allowed the join the Free (as the members of the Hidden Villiage call themselves) he spent a few years raiding, but found it to be to akin to the bloodshed he was raised in. A few years ago he struck out and found work with some dune traders as a caravan guard. His main goal was to help other slaves achieve their freedom, and would always look for opportunities to do so (few and far between) and send them to the Hidden Village. He still maintains ties with the Hidden Village, and considers it home, but doesn’t get to return as often as he would like.


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