Book of Kemalok Kings

This tome is constructed of braxat hide and thick, leather-like pages of unknown origin. The book shows its immense age, though it was clearly made to stand the test of time.

  • Wondrous Item
  • Price: —

Special Properties

  • A personal journal written by the line of kings of the dwarven people, the Book of Kemalok Kings is a combination of historical events and vital insight into the dwarven race. From a time when historical documents were nearly non-existent, the tome is one of the few chronicles of Athas to survive the ravages of the Cleansing Wars. No single item on Athas contains as much rare history as this dwarven relic.


  • Aeon Cycle (Daily * Force, Psionic, Psychic): Free Action. Trigger: You hit with an attack. Effect: At any one time until the end of the encounter, you can reroll an attack roll made against you by the target you hit. It must use the new result.


Given by Rkard, Last King of Kemalok, after Za’Hain descended into the lost city beneath the ruins of Kled. Za’Hain pledged to protect this artifact from any that would misuse its knowledge and power.

Book of Kemalok Kings

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