Citizen's Stone of Gulg

A smooth, rounded stone bead that fits in the palm of your hand, engraved with swirling organic patterns.

  • Wondrous Item
  • Price: —

Special Effects

  • You are recognized as a Hunter Noble or “Judaga” by the citizens of Gulg and given free access to the city.

Chakk’a’chakk, Draz La’Tull Ulthunk, Ranaghar, Revenant of the Gray, Za’Hain

You were the first in decades to survive the notorious Gulgan Red Moon Hunt, and have been granted honorary nobility in The City of the Forest due to your skill and animosity. This stone was given, among other gifts, by Hunt Mistress Shala on behalf of Sorcerer-Queen Lalali-Puy, the Oba of Gulg.

Citizen's Stone of Gulg

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